It is a strange feeling to have finished study, potentially permanently. I now have to truly find my way in the world. This is a terrifying idea. How can I, someone who still feels like the young person who just moved out of home, truly be an adult? There are things in life that don't… Continue reading Uncertainty

I lay down to sleep

I lay down to sleep. I have been doing fine all day. I've managed to push through every little bit of anxiety or despair that has come my way. I have fought back, and managed to defeat it. At least, it felt like it at the time. I was able to complete a decent amount… Continue reading I lay down to sleep

Studying with disassociation

One of the hardest things in my life has been being a student with PTSD and its side effects. One of the most prominent is disassociation. When someone lives through a traumatic experience, their brain develops its own coping methods to help that person to move on. Disassociation is where the brain disconnects the person… Continue reading Studying with disassociation

Others have it worse

Others have it worse, so I am okay. I never stopped repeating this phrase to myself.I couldn’t have considered that there was anything wrong I never sought help I couldn’t figure out a reason why I was sadI never had a reason to be, it’s not like my life was bad. Others have it worse, so I… Continue reading Others have it worse